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Plastic Bag Facts - How many plastic shopping bags are used each year and more.

We wanted to find out a bit more about plastic bags, and in particular the plastic shopping bag used at grocery stores and other shops. Here are a few quick facts (see below for details, sources, and calculations):

plastic shopping bags used each year

Pristine Planet Sponsors the Run for the Seals!

Pristine Planet is proud to sponsor the 2012 Marine Mammal Center's Run for the Seals!

Marine Mammal Center's Run for the Seals

How many trees are used to make pencils each year?

Most pencils are made out of wood and graphite and since wood is used we wanted to find out how many trees it took each year to make pencils, especially since there are really cool pencils made out of recycled materials notably newspaper.

trees needed each year to make pencils

How many plastic water bottles are thrown away every day?

Using governmental and industry sources we calculate that at least 50 million plastic bottles are thrown away (not recycled) every day in the U.S.. Laid end to end, these bottles would stretch from San Francisco to New York city and back again. This is how we arrived at this number.

info graphic plastic water bottles thrown away every year

Eco House At Museum of Science and Industry

Just visited Chicago and was amazed at a beautiful eco friendly house designed by Michelle Kaufman of MKD that was IN the museum. The house has so many eco features both in the contruction, design, and furnishing.

image of eco friendly house