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Green Store Green America Approved Business
Pristine Planet is a green comparison shopping engine for eco savvy consumers. Socially responsible merchants list their products from all over the world on Pristine Planet. This allows you to shop the best green merchants and products in the convenience of one website. Pristine Planet has been helping eco shoppers save time and money since 2004.

Our hope is that the new economy will be deeply rooted in green and socially responsible commerce. By supporting the merchants on Pristine Planet you are making that hope a reality. The revenue generated from your purchase goes directly to green businesses, which in turn is reinvested into organic agriculture, fair trade, and sustainable business practices, all of which benefit the planet and the economy. Rewarding environmentally and socially responsible companies should be as easy as possible, for that is truly the only way that consumers can send a positive message to industry that cannot be ignored.

Green Shopping

A simple purchase may not seem like much, but the reality is, your purchase creates ripples in the economy. When enough people support companies with a triple bottom line (people, planet, profit), these ripples will have a profound impact on society and the planet. So the next time you are faced with a decision to buy a product, decide what kind of splash you would like to create.

All products listed on Pristine Planet must adhere to at least one of our proprietary tags before being accepted into our online catalog. We understand that there is no universal definition for "green" and every product has a footprint so our tagging guidelines are meant to assist you in making informed decisions. We do not define green for you, instead we present the information and allow you to shop based on your personal shade of green. After all, one person's organic sun grown coffee can be a bird habitat protector's nemesis. We want to welcome everyone who is striving to make their world a better place.

Add the Pristine Planet 'Eco Friendly Product of the Day' gadget to your Google home page, and learn about environmentally friendly and socially responsible options for everyday items.

Google Gadget

If you would like to add the product of the day to your personal or business website, simply copy and paste the following code.