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Eco Placemats

Turn your dinner gathering into an all out eco-friendly feast by serving your specially made organic recipes on eco placemats. This selection of bamboo placemats is sure to add style into any dinner table. Made from all natural or sustainable materials, each of these bamboo place mats will certainly be the center of the discussion during meal times. Serve your food in an environmentally conscious style to keep your stomach and the earth happy. Bamboo placemat pieces will definitely add some life to your dining room.

For a taste of Japan right in your own home, try out the Kyoto Organic Table Collection made with natural dyes that do not harm the environment. Only 100% Turkish organic cotton is used in the making of these cotton placemats. As a finishing touch, the koi fish, one of Japan's most recognizable symbols is used as the design, symbolizing luck and prosperity.

For families on the go, be sure to pack some Matties Travel Silicone Placemat with you. They are made with silicon material that is extra durable. You can use and reuse these place mats, which means less waste for the environment. They are made with no VOC or volatile organic compounds and are phtlhalate- nitrosamine- and lead-free as well. You can easily store these in your travel bag since they are lightweight and compact. The kit includes two 11x16in mats. Perfect for eco-conscious parents who travel with kids and want to keep their surroundings clean and orderly during mealtimes.

For a classy touch to your dining table, try out the architecture motif of these placemats from Gate. They are made with low-impact dyes and have absolutely no toxic substances. They are free from heavy metals and have passed the standards for eco-friendly pigments. During the manufacturing process, the fabrics used in its production are laundered using eco friendly procedures. Only low impact soap is used with no chlorine added.

Eco friendly placemats can make your next dinner party a little greener. These beautiful green placemats. Pristine Planet has a large selection of eco friendly place mat options, like hemp placemats, organic cotton placemats and even bamboo placemats. No matter what your personal style is we're sure you'll find a placemat that works in your home.