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For visually stunning pieces of metal wall sculptures and other great eco art pieces try checking out this selection for your home. Provide your living space with excellent conversation pieces by displaying some recycled wall sculptures and art. You can also give the art pieces as gifts to your friends and loved ones.

The Harvey Gallery fireflies with lights galaxy wall fountain is inspired by a picture of the galaxy from a story book. The result is a magical piece that is soft and beautiful to behold made with metallic and pastel colors.

The Harvey Gallery thin ribbons wall sculpture would look great anywhere in your home as a point for conversations. Imagine the sculpture inside your powder room, hallway or the corner of your dining room. Your guests will surely find it interesting and ask about the designer and your interpretation about the art. The size of the sculpture is at 40"h x 58"w. It provides an interplay of negative and positive space which adds fun to any room. The sculpture has a feminine effect with soft pink and lavender colors.

The cameo floral wall sculpture is inspired after birds and willow leaves in an abstract design. The result is a graceful, peaceful and fluid scene made with copper disks that serves as the main point of the sculpture. The size of the sculpture is at 52"l x 20"h. The gallery of Harvey makes some of the best sculptures and artwork in America. The materials used are a combination of bronze, brass, copper, steel, iron and glass.

Coloring techniques are modified and improved on daily to come up with interesting color combinations of the giraffes metal wall art. The metal wall art is made out of up to 75% recycled materials. The wall art is made with recycled oil drums and is especially handmade in Haiti. Two giraffes are shown in the art piece among scenes of twisted branches. The wall art measures about 24".

Wall Art comes in many forms - check out the metal wall structure art we found. These pieces of recycled wall art are sure to be conversation starters. You'll love these eco friendly wall art options.

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This is the second product I have bought and I love it! It's design is beautiful, unique and it really does have a calming affect. These items are awesome and have changed the look of my house.