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Pristine Planet Sponsors the Run for the Seals!

Pristine Planet is proud to sponsor the 2012 Marine Mammal Center's Run for the Seals! A bit about the Marine Mammal Center "The Marine Mammal Center began in 1975 with the goal of rescuing and providing medical care to sick, injured and orphaned marine mammals in Marin County. What started out as three animal lovers equipped with little more than kiddie pools and hoses has grown into a world-renowned and state-of-the-art hospital, research center and education facility."

marine mammal center run for the seals

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Since ocean health directly impacts marine mammal life, the Center is also concerned with this issue. According to the Ocean Conservancy, here is the top 10 list of trash items found in the ocean over the last 25 years.

  1. Cigarettes / Filters
  2. Food Wrappers / Containers
  3. Caps / Lids
  4. Cups / Plates / Forks / Knives / Spoons
  5. Plastic Beverage Bottles
  6. Plastic Bags
  7. Glass Beverage Bottles
  8. Beverage Cans
  9. Straws / Stirrers
  10. Rope

You can help by shopping for green products that are made with sustainability in mind.


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Pristine Planet Sponsors the Run for the Seals!

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