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Eco Friendly And Organic Bags


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When it comes to stepping out in style, many women consider the bag to be the most defining piece of accessory to tote. It is after all, the most dynamic piece of the outfit. Itís a conversation starter, a carrier of your things and a fashion statement all in one. So when it comes to choosing a bag, why not go for Eco Friendly Bags that are made with all natural and recycled products? Sustainable bags need not be a drag. Check out our Fair Trade Bags collection and see how you can be green and super stylish a t the same time.

Going for a sturdy, no-nonsense look? Our hemp bags can give you the comfort and functionality that you need while providing a sensible look that you can match with your outfit for field work or a trip to your grandparents. These organic bags made out of 100% hemp leaf make them strong and super comfortable to wear. Hemp bags also come in a multitude of colors proving that sensible can also be fun.

Want something with a little more flash? Check out our multicolored large Tie Tote. Ugly Betty fans will be familiar with this super cool eco friendly bag; it was launched in one of the episodes in the award-winning series. Made out of recycled juice packs, you are sure to be a hit with your friends and family for sporting such an innovative product.

Plastic is out and reusable bags are in. The next time you do your grocery, shop smart and carry your own sustainable bag. Check out our Envirosax Graphic Series featuring 5 reusable bags in one pouch. Each organic bag is specially created with an eye-catching graphic to make shopping more fun. They are made from organic materials so not only do you save money, you also help save the earth.