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May 17th, 2011

4 Ways to Perk Up your Eco Friendly Patio

You love to sit out on your deck or patio on a nice summer evening, but this year you want to take it up a notch, and really create an outdoor oasis. Imagine a warm night, glass of organic wine in your hand, your favorite person by your side, what else could you need? Here are some ideas!

1. Set the mood with outdoor lighting

So why do you need some Eco Friendly outdoor lighting? Sure you could turn on the flood lights, but that makes you feel a bit more like you're at a football game then having a relaxing night. These beautiful lanterns make a wonderful soft light that really gets you relaxing in a hurry. Another option is LED string lights around the railing of your deck. Added bonus, you're less likely to trip and fall if you can see at least a little bit!
Eco Friendly Outdoor Lighting
2. Invest in some high quality eco friendly patio furniture
eco friendly patio furniture Ok, technically that plastic chair you bought at your favorite big box store is patio furniture, but it already has cracks in it and is not weathering as well as you had hoped. Take this opportunity to really create a place that you can really kick back from your long days at work and find a little peace. There is lots of eco friendly patio furniture that will last a lot longer than the last patio furniture you bought.

3. Keep the bugs away!

Nothings worse than sitting down out on your deck in the evening for a nice meal and in come the bees. Or maybe you're like my husband and every mosquito in a 500 mile radius knows his blood type. Either way pests can really put a damper on your night, so it pays to invest in some eco friendly and non toxic pest control options to keep the little buggers from attacking you and your loved ones.
Eco Friendly Pest Control
4. Warm things up with a Eco Friendly Fire Pit

eco friendly Fire Pit

Even if the night starts to get a little chilly, you don't want the fun to stop, so we suggest investing in a eco friendly fire pit. Cuddle by it with your sweetie or let the kids make s'mores. Either way it's going to be a big hit in your back yard. This sleek and stylish fire pit from Bambeco is made from recycled scrap steel.

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