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December 30th, 2011

Eco House At Museum of Science and Industry

Just visited Chicago and was amazed at a beautiful eco friendly house designed by Michelle Kaufman of MKD that was IN the museum. The house has so many eco features both in the contruction, design, and furnishing.

image of eco friendly house

The home was built using modular construction, which essentially means the structure was built off site in a controlled indoor environment. According to our guide Dan, the construction took eight weeks. Modular construction has some advantages including the open framing is not exposed to the weather and there is often less wasteage. The result are pre constructed rooms (some call "blocks" or "Legos"), which are then trucked to the home site and assembled. Amazingly the green home at the Museum took only a day to put together.

Many items that are similar to those that appear in this story are available here.. just a few include... LED lights, beautiful reclaimed and recycled furniture pieces, and solar panels.

The home has thin film solar whcih provides about 30% of the home's needs. I only saw the solar on one roof, so it is possible that there is opportunity for more panels. The thin film panels were very unobtrusive and we were told that you can shovel snow off of them so apparently they are pretty durable as well. There were also storage units for rain water. The decking on the house also looked to be polywood material while the flooring was mainly bamboo. There was the standard array of LED lights and Argon insulated double lined windows.

image of eco friendly house interior furnishings

The furnishings were beautiful. Many pieces were made of recycled material or were completely reclaimed pieces. The fabric on the seats shown above was made using recycled bicycle tires. The table and chairs below were reclaimed.

eco home reclaimed table and chairs


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