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Fair Trade & Eco Friendly Napkin Rings


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Napkin Rings

Turn your table setting beautifully green and organized with any one of the wooden napkin rings from this selection. Handmade napkin rings add personality to your table. One to try out is the natural napkin ring set. It is made from all natural materials and is colored with natural pigments of earthenware. Absolutely no toxic or harmful dyes were used in the making of the napkin rings. The cool animal napkin ring set comes with six animals. Each product measures 2.25 inches x 1 inch.

Your table setting is sure to look divine with this selection of handmade napkin rings. For a touch of nature, choose the stone napkin ring set for your dinner parties and casual lunches. It is versatile and fills a basic need in every home. The stone napkin ring set is appealing and complements any home décor or style. Each set comes with four matching napkin rings. The napkin ring is made from river stones that have been collected with the permission of the private New England beaches and rivers.

For a cool and unique dining experience, add some napkin rings in the shape of animals to your table setting. Try out the quirky animal napkin ring set. You get a cheetah, elephant, rhinoceros, giraffe, zebra and a lion with each set. Each one is hand carved from African Mahogany trees. The animal napkin ring set is painted by hand to add the interesting stripe and spot details. Each one has an average size of 3.5"w x 2.5"h.

For all your dinner parties and events, set your table with some beautiful napkin rings that are made with all organic materials. The banana fiber napkin ring set includes six different animals. The animal napkin rings are hand crafted in Kenya. Each ring measures about 4" to 5" tall.

Give each spot on your table setting its own distinct flavor. Try the word napkin ring set to keep all your napkins in. You get six different word rings with the following inscriptions: Grow, joy, eat, share, feast and savor. Inspirational and unique, the word napkin ring set is an excellent gift and conversation starter.

Eco friendly napkin rings are the perfect accent to your green dinner party and your gourmet organic meal. These amazing napkin rings would make any meal more beautiful. Handmade, fair trade and eco friendly napkin rings are a great way to make and easy change that also starts a good conversation about going green.