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August 8th, 2011

Green Back to School Supplies

Soon, autumn will be here and the crisp leaves will start to fall. School bells will start ringing as September rolls in. Pristine Planet gives you bags, backpacks, lunch bags and eco-friendly school supplies. This year, stock up on our eco-friendly, stylish and trendy school supplies so you can learn and be Earth-friendly at the same time. Back to school has never been so green.

Eco Messenger Bags Messenger Bags and Backpacks

Be the epitome of green cool with the English Retreads Bentley Briefcase, made from reclaimed inner tubes, which also makes a great laptop case. Sling one of our eco conscious knapsacks over your shoulder like the Engage Green PETE backpack. It is made from recycled plastic and is neatly compartmentalized for all your stuff.

Green Lunch

Ditch the brown bag or the plastic case and choose a Lunchskin instead. They are reusable, safe and eco friendly. Stash your sandwiches and chips in a Snak Pak that slips right into your bag and prevents messy spills and leaks.

You never have to worry about BPA or any of those chemicals with our products. We have totes, lunch sets and bags in every style and color for your favorite lunchroom snack.

Lunchskin reusable sandwich bags
Eco Pencils Pens and Pencils

Gone are the days of boring old pencils-stock your bags with our 12 Piece Recycled Newspaper Student Set instead. Art class will never be boring with our Natural Colored Pencils or Smencils Gourmet Scented Pencils. The Recycled Newspaper L'Artiste Professional Art Pencil set is the perfect gift for the young artist. Each pencil is made from 100% newspaper and premium quality graphite.

Finish up your pencil case with a Goodkind pen. These recycled wood pens are sturdy, last longer and are completely earth friendly. These pens are easy to grip and fit well in the hand.

Notebooks and Binders

Keep track of your notes and more with our trendy binders. You will never lose your notes again with our Binder Accessories and keep them together with one of our Eco Binders. Draw on an Ecojot Recycled Paper Sketchbook or keep track of your thoughts with one of our Floral Recycled Cotton Rag Notebooks. We have binders and notebooks in many designs and suited for many purposes. That weekly journal assignment will never be boring with an Ikat Bright Fabric notebook or an O'bonanza notebook.

Keep up the green trend by reusing blank pages from last year's notebooks or giving away old books so others can use them. Check out local libraries and bookstores for used books instead of buying new. Every little action counts towards saving the Earth!

Eco binders and notebooks

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