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How To Select A Shower Curtain For Your Green Bath

When selecting a shower curtain that is eco-friendly, cohesive to your style, and easily maintained, you may find a selection of choices, but are not sure which choice is the best option for you and your bath or shower. This guide is intended to help you select a shower curtain that will meet all of your expectations in a shower curtain that is healthier for you and your family, without sacrificing style.

Shower Curtain Material

Shower curtains come in a plethora of fabrics and materials and selecting the most eco-friendly material may be easier than you think. Materials such as hemp, organic cotton, and linen are some of the top eco-friendly choices in shower curtains and are available in a variety of styles and colors.


Hemp is naturally durable, and is used often times for ships sails, and for good reason. Hemp Shower curtains are inherently porous allowing the material to breathe easily, allowing for faster dry times, and successively will be your best defense against mold and mildew. A shower curtain made with hemp fabric tends to maintain its shape, and in turn maintains a neater appearance for your bathroom. Economically speaking, hemp shower curtains do not require a liner, saving you not only money, but the time and energy expended to the maintenance of liners. In regards to the environment, because hemp is a fast growing plant, it produces high fiber per acre making it friendlier to the earth when compared to other crops.

Organic Cotton

Simply put, organic cotton is grown without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. This is especially vital when it comes to using organic cotton vs. traditional cotton for your shower curtain. When you are taking a hot steamy bath or shower, this heat may extract harmful chemicals that are lurking in your shower curtain into your bath and into the environment. You may consider purchasing a traditional cotton shower curtain to save money; however, in the long run you may save yourself some money selecting an organic cotton shower curtain. Organic cotton tends to be stronger, and lasts longer than shower curtains made with traditional cotton.


Often times, manufactures will combine linen and organic cotton to create a superbly durable shower curtain that delivers the best of both worlds. Linen is a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant; a very hearty plant that grows with little to no need of fertilizers and pesticides, making it nearly organic by nature. This in combination with organic cotton textile can many times create a shower curtain that requires no liner and lends an excellent texture and style.

Now that you have selected the material that suits your needs, you may want to narrow your choices by colors and styles that fit your bathroom.

Color & Style

Hemp Shower Curtains

Although hemp shower curtains are most popular in their natural state, they are available in a wide selection of colors that can suit your bath or shower, and in many cases enhance their appearance. Hemp shower curtains are perfect for creating a spa-like appearance and keep things simple and clean, allowing other elements and bolder colors to really pop throughout the rest of your bathroom.

Organic Cotton Shower Curtains

Organic cotton shower curtains have one of the largest selections when it comes to colors and patterns. Although you may opt for a solid color, organic shower curtains with colors and patterns can quickly become a stylish element in your bath or shower and even set the tone for your bathroom’s overall look.

Linen Shower Curtains

When considering texture, linen shower curtains, and organic cotton / linen blend shower curtains are an excellent choice. Linen shower curtains lend a tactile property and are especially complimentary design to bathrooms without windows. These shower curtains tend to be lighter, and airier which may be a deciding factor for those bathrooms without a ventilation system.

With any of these shower curtains a variety of hanging styles are available; grommet, shower rod ties, and button holes allowing you the option to use shower curtain clips, shower rings, or hooks. These options may seem less essential; however you may need to consider these options when it comes to the style of your bathroom.


One of the most frequently asked questions are "How do I care for my shower curtain?" Most desire a hassle-free, easy maintenance shower curtain. With the above shower curtain options, caring for your shower curtain is easier than one might think.

Daily care simply involves wringing out the bottom, and keeping a well ventilated bathroom. Washing your curtain, also easy; simply includes machine washing monthly (in eco-friendly non-phosphate soap) with a line dry or cool tumble. When compared to plastic shower curtains, the cleaning process is much simpler with fabric curtains, and by selecting an eco-friendly shower curtain, much healthier. Additionally, without the need for a liner, you will save time, energy, and money.

Updating your bathroom with an eco-friendly shower curtain will not only enhance its look, but will also keep you healthier, happier, save you money , and save the earth from the infamous plastic shower curtain.


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