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How To Select A Duvet Cover For Your Green Bedroom

Duvets are one of the most versatile bedding elements used to alternate between styles, and the changing seasons. Duvet covers can easily change your bedroom's look whilst preserving your favorite comforter, or prevent a purchase of yet another comforter that can quickly become out-dated.

Today's conscience shopper is making wiser and more eco-friendly choices, opting for bedding that is not only beautiful and functional, but is healthier. After all, you can spend up to 10 hours in your bed, making your bed an essential feature that is often revered as a safe haven and where you spend your most relaxing hours.

Sleeping comfortably is an obvious necessity, however, for many, style and sustainability is just as important. In this guide we will highlight many of these qualities that may assist you in your next Duvet purchase.

Duvet Covers Overview

Organic Cotton

  • Why Organic Cotton? - Organic cotton is grown free from chemicals and pesticides that can be harmful to you, the environment, and the workers who assist in the production of organic cotton.
  • Style Level - Organic cotton is one of the most versatile materials, and proves to be one of the most popular when it comes to colors, styles, and variety of thickness. These style options are abundant when it comes to your choices in duvet covers.
  • Best Seasonal Use - Organic cotton, depending on texture, can be utilized year-round. For winter and fall months, organic cotton flannel duvets are an ideal choice. For spring and summer months, many opt for percale and sateen duvets. Organic jersey cotton duvets are a comfortable selection for practically all months of the year.
  • Comfort Level Because organic cotton gets softer with every wash, this fabric is one of the top and most comfortable options. Organic cotton is very versatile; options like sateen, jersey, and percale all offer their own unique comfort. Sateen duvets for example, offer a silky comfort, while jersey duvets offer the comfort of a favorite t-shirt. Organic cotton is also a breathable material, lending additional comfort.


  • Why Linen? - Linen is made from the hearty plant flax. Because of its heartiness, this plant is grown with little to no need of fertilizers and pesticides, making it nearly organic by nature.
  • Style Level Although linen in its most natural state is a neutral color, linen duvets are available in a variety of colors and styles. Linen also lends a textural style not found in other fabrics. Many times linen is combined with organic cotton, offering a superb mixture of patterns.
  • Best Seasonal Use Linen is a durable, yet is airy by nature. When used alone (without combined fabrics) spring and summer are ideal months. When combined with other fabrics such as organic cotton, linen/organic cotton duvets are perfect for year-round use.
  • Comfort Level - Because linen is generally produced into a light fabric, this may offer a breathable comfort for those who enjoy a lightweight feel without compromising durability. When combined with other fabrics, linen duvets can present a tactile property that many find not only stylish, but extremely comfortable.

100% Viscose from Bamboo

  • Why Viscose from Bamboo? - Bamboo grows quickly without the need of pesticides, fertilizers, and can grow with very little water. Because bamboo grows so vastly, the planting and harvesting actually improves soil conditions. Additionally, bamboo releases more oxygen than similar size trees, helping to keep our air clean.
  • Style Level Much like organic cotton duvets, bamboo duvets offer a plethora of colors and styles. Although textures are not as copious as organic cotton duvets, the variety of colors more than compensates.
  • Best Seasonal Use Duvets made of viscose from bamboo fabric can be used year-round, but many typically prefer bamboo for warmer months.
  • Comfort Level Viscose from bamboo yarn has a silky, cashmere quality, lending a softness that is smooth to the skin. Viscose from bamboo is extremely breathable, and has been claimed to have naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial, and odor resistant qualities, in turn providing additional comfort.

As you can see there are a variety of duvet covers that are made from eco-friendly materials that can you provide you with a comfortable sleep while maintaining style. As seasons and styles change, duvet covers make is easy to accommodate these changes. At Are Naturals, we offer a wide selection of organic cotton, linen, and 100% viscose from bamboo duvet covers in an array of styles, colors and patterns to help you transform your bedroom into a beautiful and comfortable space.


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