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Reusable Shopping Bags


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At Pristine Planet we want to help you reduce your waste in even the smallest ways. One excellent way to help out is to buy reusable shopping bags instead of relying on plastic and paper bags at the end of the grocery checkout.

With eco shopping bags, you can carry your groceries and other items without having something to discard later on. Imagine how much fewer plastic and paper bags would be needed if everyone adopted this practice. That means less plastic and paper that goes into our trash dumps, in addition to lowering the overall demand for plastic and paper. Let’s not forget the savings on power and materials for manufacturing, as well as the averted pollution caused by the manufacturing processes.

Reusable shopping bags are available in a wide variety of styles and designs. Get them in block colors, simple prints, or whimsical designs.

For those looking for something with a little more strength, we have Bazkets from Rsvp-intl. These are collapsible baskets made with a tough nylon that resists water and tearing, integrated around a tubular metal frame. The result is a light, portable, and very useful container for all sorts of things.

If you prefer organic shopping bags, then you are in luck. We have some organic cotton reusable shopping bags that will surely work for you. Jute and hemp are also two materials that are made into these multi-purpose bags, though they may not necessarily be 100% organic. Some of these eco shopping bags are even meant to be compostable – use them until they get too dirty for your tastes and just add them to your compost heap.

Your reusable shopping bags may get a little dirty over time, but that’s okay because you can wash these. Do your part and help reduce our overall waste output. Paper or plastic? We say “Neither”!

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I really appreciate minimizing the use of plastic bags, so this purchase was a win on both sides. The bag is not as thick as I expected so hold the word canvas as you usually understand it very lightly. The upside is its highly compactable nature--it folds very flat so you hardly know its with you and weighs very little. Long handles are a plus. My only concern is the longevity/durability of the fabric. I have a bag from My Bag Cares and that's one sturdy bag. So we will see how they compare.