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Lighting a few candles at the end or even in the beginning of your day can set the mood. If you love the smell of candles and cannot resist scattering them all over the house, you will love Pristine Planet’s assortment of filled candles. We know you will find a scent that you love and you will enjoy our eco-friendly selection.

A glass candle jar makes a beautiful addition to a desk or mantle. Mrs. Meyer’s Soy Candles are made from a vegetable base and use a non-lead wick. Attractively packaged in recycled jam jars, you are sure to love the vintage feel and the invigorating scents like basil and lemon verbena. Babybearshop’s recycled glass candle smells like lavender and is completely organic. You will adore the etched song bird design.

Pure soy filled candles are environmentally friendly and make for great gifts for a vegan or eco-conscious person. We love Anthology’s line of soy wax filled candles with cotton wicks not just because of the ingredients but because of the beautiful glass apothecary jars they come in.

Plantlife Natural Body Plant Care offers a line of their best-selling aromatherapy candles, attractively packaged and labeled in easy to bring tins. These 100% pure candles use no artificial ingredients and burn cleanly with a combination of carnuba, soy and bayberry waxes.

Tin candles make it easy for you to bring your favorite scent along when you travel. Tin candles are also great for outdoor use. We love companies like Big Dipper Wax Works who use recycled tin for their beeswax candles to help you feel at home wherever you are.

Turn a space into a soft, inviting area with our selection of eco candles. You will love the scents, the fresh clean burning wax and the environmentally friendly impact you have. No need to sacrifice your love of candles because you cannot find one that suits your standards. We know we have the right type of candle for you.

Comments for Filled Candles

I love Crazy Pineapples 7.5 oz Spa Soy Candle. It seems like the candles burns forever and the pineapple ginger fragrance is my absolute favorite! I recently purchased Crazy Pineapples soy candles as gifts - as they are packaged in really nice boxes - perfect for gift giving. Enjoy! Mary.

These candles burn so clean and the scents are very strong and pleasant. Last through the whole candle.I highly recommend them to anyone, like myself, who is a lover of candles for relaxation. Bought 5 for Christmas time.

Candles are a neccecity. I don't like running my lights 8 hours a day, so I like to light candles. The Solay Wellness Soy candles burn slow, and have a nice appearance to them. Its not to flashy, or glittery, just very reliable and long lasting.